The AI API to Fuel it Allbeta

Embed cutting edge predictive models into your applications simply by using three lines of code with the tools and coding languages you already know.

1. Get the AI API

Setup takes just a few seconds

2. Get the best model

With proven automated ML

3. Use predictions

Directly in your application

Embed in your language of choice

What's Possible with the AI API

The DataRobot AI API supports a wide variety of use cases so developers can focus on creating innovative apps while we handle the automodeling. If you need a little inspiration, here are some things you could do that require minimal effort.

Cloud resource optimization

Optimize compute resource allocation through AI. Correctly predict provisioning requirements to maximize resource usage while ensuring an ideal user experience.

NBA Player performance

Build your ultimate fantasy NBA team with the help of an AI. Predict the game score of an athlete based on past performance, and take your game to the next level.

Supply chain

Create a more resilient medical supplies distribution network by predicting when late shipments will occur. Using past data about late shipments, predict the probability of future late shipments.

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